Tara Siddons-Deighton

Tara Siddons-Deighton

Experienced Growth Strategist specialising in driving business development and expansion for clients in diverse industries.

Proven track record of delivering high-impact strategies and solutions to optimise revenue growth, market positioning, and customer acquisition.

Skilled in market research, competitive analysis, and data-driven decision-making to identify untapped opportunities and develop tailored growth plans.

Collaborative and results-oriented, adept at working closely with cross-functional teams to execute initiatives that enhance profitability and achieve long-term business objectives. 

Her international experience has equipped her with a deep cultural understanding and adaptability to work effectively across diverse environments.

From large-scale conferences to targeted promotional events, she has orchestrated successful initiatives that have garnered significant attention and engagement.

Anikó Woods

Anikó Woods

Anikó's multifaceted skill set includes a unique balance of creative, technical, and analytical abilities. 

Leveraging certifications in prompt engineering from OpenAI and Google AI, she is a results-oriented digital marketing storyteller with a proven ability to drive success for B2B and B2C companies.

Tailoring strategies to resonate with each audience is her specialty, ensuring maximum impact. Throughout her career, she's had the privilege of collaborating with exclusive brands and discerning clients.

Adept at lead generation and conversion optimization techniques, Anikó leverages a comprehensive digital marketing toolkit encompassing SEO, social media, email marketing, design, copywriting, and content marketing.

Furthermore, she possesses a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within the smart technology, AV, entertainment, gaming, finance, and IoT industries.